Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC provides full service lobbying and governmental relations strategies tailored to meet the short and long term goals of our clients. Services can be customized to meet a client’s individual needs and objectives. Services include:

Direct Lobbying

We represent our clients’ interests before the Legislature and before departments, agencies boards and commissions. This includes providing testimony, preparing the client for testimony if necessary, and preparing letters and other written background materials. This may also include shepherding clients’ sponsored bills as they work their way through the legislative process.

Legislative and Issue Research

We research and gather background on bills and issues that may be of interest to the clients.

Coalition and Grass Roots Development

We work with our clients to develop grass roots activity, and coalitions with other stakeholders and like-minded groups.

Reports and Client Communication

We provide written reports and newsletters pertaining to legislative and administrative matters of interest our clients. We also make oral presentations at board meetings, association meetings, and conferences.

State Budget Advocacy

We lobby the state budget process to obtain or protect state funds from a variety of sources for a client’s products, projects, or services.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

We develop legislative strategies to accomplish our clients’ desired government-related goals. This includes anticipating and planning for potential issues that may impact our client. We then implement the plan through our firm’s other services.

Relationship Building

We create opportunities for our clients to meet with key policy makers from the Legislature and the Administration, including the Governor’s Office.


We assist clients in identifying sales opportunities with state and local agencies, and we work to develop successful sales strategies and arrange meetings with clients and key decision makers. When necessary, we work within the State budget process to secure the necessary funding or budget language to support the sales opportunity.

Bill Tracking and Monitoring

We review all bills and all amendments to identify issues that may be of interest to our clients. We also provide our clients with electronic copies of relevant bills and analyses for review and feedback.

Political Activity

We develop and recommend political support for elected officials who share general philosophies with our client.

Business Development

We identify opportunities for businesses to expand their presence in California through legislative and regulatory changes, and by developing partnerships and growth strategies.


Public Affairs

Our firm offers public affairs services through Edelstein Public Affairs. Edelstein Public Affairs provides expertise in strategic communications, issues management, media outreach, social media, marketing development, and coalition building to help clients reach and exceed goals. Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith also works with other public affairs firms when appropriate to best meet the needs of our clients.