Since 1985, Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC has been providing effective and aggressive representation on a wide variety of issues on behalf of a diverse mix of clients. This well established legislative advocacy and government affairs firm traces its roots back to Grant Kenyon, a well known and highly regarded lobbyist who began lobbying in the 1960′s. In 1985, Alan Edelstein, who had already been lobbying for five years, began lobbying with Grant Kenyon and the firm of Kenyon and Edelstein was formed. Don Gilbert joined the firm in 1998 and the firm was renamed Edelstein and Gilbert shortly thereafter. Mike Robson joined the firm in 2001 and Trent Smith joined in 2002. In January of 2008 the firm was renamed Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC.

Work Philosophy

Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC employs a team approach to lobbying. This approach ensures that one or two lobbyists are responsible for the day-to-day activity for a client, but that all of our lobbyists lobby on behalf of the client. The lead lobbyists receive strong and frequent support from the firm’s other lobbyists depending upon the situation and the issue.

The team approach to lobbying distinguishes Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC from most other lobbying firms. Working as a team offers many advantages to clients. For example, lobbyists tend to have close relationships with different legislators. With all lobbyists representing the firms’ clients, the lobbyists at Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC can take advantage of their different relationships for the benefit of the clients. In addition, with all four lobbyists conversant in the issues and needs of its clients, the firm can “blitz” the Legislature on big issues that require a “full court press.” The team approach also allows the firm’s lobbyists to share and consider fresh ideas in order to develop effective lobbying strategies.

Lobbyists of the Year

A national retailer that retains lobbyists in over a dozen states named our firm Lobbyists of the Year. We were credited with saving our client over $80 million in one year.

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